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Top 5 Online Business Ideas of the Year Business Economics 

Top 5 Online Business Ideas of the Year

Online business is one of the quickest and modern ways to start your own business. It can save your thousands of dollars in figuring out a perfect location. You just need to have an idea and little specific knowledge to start up your online business with a fraction of cost. Here we bring top five ideas of the year to become an entrepreneur in this present era, with less initial investment. 1) Start an e-commerce store The internet revolution has replaced virtual stores into online stores. To start your personal…

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Top 10 Airlines For 2015 Business Economics 

Top 10 Airlines For 2015 has announced the list of top ten airlines for 2015. The rating is achieved on the basis of seven star safety rating and the level of innovation for the comfort of passengers. Other factors contributed towards the ratings are aircraft types, history and in-flight offering such as meals, drinks, seating, in-flight entertainment. 1. Air New Zealand (NZ) The Air New Zealand is awarded as the Best Premium Economy Class by According to editor-in-chief of, Air New Zealand is considered as an airline of first choice among passengers….

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Think In an “Economic Way” Business Economics 

Think In an “Economic Way”

Thinking in economic way can help a person to analyze complex problems. There are several methods that can be followed to think in this perspective. Every Choice Has Its Cost Due to scarcity of human and capital resources, individuals have to make choices and must decide how to use best out of the available reserves. The notion “there is no free lunches and dinners” represents the essential issue of economic sense, as you have to tradeoff for one thing for another. Opportunity cost is the value of best forgone alternative,…

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The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations Business Economics 

The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations

  Oil is one of the basic global commodities and tends to see larger fluctuations in price than stable investments such as stocks and bonds. There is direct and indirect impact of oil prices fluctuation on the global economy. Therefore, investors track the prices of oil very closely. The fluctuation in oil prices is considered as a dreadful symbol for the global economy as it creates volatility in stock markets and also impacts on the industries negatively. The increases in oil prices increase energy prices, which can cause a ripple…

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