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How to minimize data usage in smart phones

Smartphones are most important gadget now a days. We rely on apps for reminders, alerts, social media notification, emails, massages, voice and video calls. Apps consumes data for launch apps, for transfer of data, and consumes data in background for better user experiences by creating cache , maintaining connection to server and data backup . Apps also use backgrounds services for up-to-date version of apps and faster recovery if apps crashes. All these increase data usage and lowers the battery life of smartphones. In some situation these background services became enemy instead of well-wisher, like when no Wi-Fi available and you have to use expensive connectivity network like GPRS.

It is good practice minimize the background data usage and turn off notifications which are not required 24 hours.

Here are some tips and tricks that can lowers background data usage.

1. Push unnecessary notification off. For this go to Settings > Apps >Desired App uncheck the show notification.


2. You also disable the background data usage. For this go to Setting > Data usage > Network (Wi-Fi/Mobile) > Desired App and check the Restrict background Data.


3. For disable background data usage for All apps, go to Setting > tap Menu > and check the Restrict background Data.


4. There so many third party apps which manage, monitors the data usage and also provides customized plans for this. Third party apps manager are also available for customization apps setting as you required

Note: By disabling background data usage you have to manually update yours apps. If you turn off Notification, notification will only appear when you manually launch App. Choose only those third party Apps which have good reviews plus high rating.


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