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4G LTE Technology 


“4G LTE” is a first Version of a 4G wireless technology. “4G LTE” stands for Fourth Generation, Long term Evolution, defined by the Radio Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R). It is consider to be the fastest available wireless connection with speed  100 Megabits per Second for high mobility and 1 Gigabits per second for lowest mobility, it is ten times faster than’s main features are high data rate transmission, with lowest delay in data receiving and transmission, high speed and high capacity of data transmission that’s why it uploads data faster. In some places it is also referred as “True 4G” technology. It is good choice for multi-player games online and excellent streaming speed for videos. It using circuit switching for data transmission instead of packet switching. 4G LTE is not only created for hand-held device but it created with an aim of fastest wireless technology.


The first mobile model which support LTE is iphone 5. Skype use voice over LTE for good real time user experience due to simultaneously transmission of video and audio transmission. It is still under construction and Cellular industries also not provides fully support for LTE. Be careful before buying cellular mobile which support LTE make sure service available in your area.

On July 7 2013 Pakistan announced support for 4G and give license to cellular service providers on April 23  ,2014 . First 4G licensed company of Pakistan is Zong. Zong win bid race from mobilink , both bids on 10 MHZ band while Telenor and Ufone bids for 5 MHZ bands. Warid telecom launch the 4G LTE on 2 May 2014.

South Korea is at rank first which provide large implementation 62% and japan is at second 21% implementation.


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