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How to minimize data usage in smart phones Inforamtion Technology Technology 

How to minimize data usage in smart phones

Smartphones are most important gadget now a days. We rely on apps for reminders, alerts, social media notification, emails, massages, voice and video calls. Apps consumes data for launch apps, for transfer of data, and consumes data in background for better user experiences by creating cache , maintaining connection to server and data backup . Apps also use backgrounds services for up-to-date version of apps and faster recovery if apps crashes. All these increase data usage and lowers the battery life of smartphones. In some situation these background services became…

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4G LTE Technology 


“4G LTE” is a first Version of a 4G wireless technology. “4G LTE” stands for Fourth Generation, Long term Evolution, defined by the Radio Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R). It is consider to be the fastest available wireless connection with speed  100 Megabits per Second for high mobility and 1 Gigabits per second for lowest mobility, it is ten times faster than’s main features are high data rate transmission, with lowest delay in data receiving and transmission, high speed and high capacity of data transmission that’s why…

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How To Recover Forgotten Pattern on Android Mobile devices Systems & Security Technology 

How To Recover Forgotten Pattern on Android Mobile devices

Mobile phone are personal devices but still we used pattern locks, passwords and PIN for protection our data from misuse. But problem comes when we forget pattern locks or password or PIN. Here is a solution for forgotten screen lock pattern. If you are Samsung user you can easily recover your phone by using Samsung account data will not lose in it. And if you remember your password and user Name then you can recover your mobile phone without losing data for this you need to apply 5 time wrong…

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