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The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations Business Economics 

The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations

  Oil is one of the basic global commodities and tends to see larger fluctuations in price than stable investments such as stocks and bonds. There is direct and indirect impact of oil prices fluctuation on the global economy. Therefore, investors track the prices of oil very closely. The fluctuation in oil prices is considered as a dreadful symbol for the global economy as it creates volatility in stock markets and also impacts on the industries negatively. The increases in oil prices increase energy prices, which can cause a ripple…

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RIP Nokia: You Will Be Missed Business Technology 

RIP Nokia: You Will Be Missed

  The mobile brand, Nokia is officially dead on 5th of December, 2014, after the announcement made that Microsoft bought the company. It took just few months for the company to decide on leaving the competition without worrying about losing its market share. This announcement witnesses the end of an era in the mobile phones industry. But unfortunately, no one cares about the death of Nokia brand. Rather many of us have hardly remembered or bothered about this news and skimmed the headlines. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Nokia…

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