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Best Search Engines for Modern World Wide Web

Search engines are need of modern web users to filter information and retrieve data to find out desired range of subjects. There are various search engines available in internet but not all search engines are created equal. Every search engines results in different experience.
ashah-search Engine

Most people are not interested in dozen search engines, especially the new users, as they just demand to have a single search engine that delivers three key features to them:

  • Relevant results
  • Uncluttered, easy to read interface
  • Helpful options to broaden or tighten a search

We have listed five search engines that can help you to deliver a quality experience. All of them are fast, easy to use, and deliver consistently relevant results.


Estimated Traffic: 200M Unique, Instant search – Yes

The most popular, best and flexible search engine in our list is Google. More than 95% of internet users are using it worldwide. Google offers multiple features such as Voice Search, News Search, Advanced image search and much that distinguish it from other search engines.


Estimated Traffic: 100M Unique, Instant search – Yes

Bing, the developer of Microsoft is also one of the favorite search engines for many users. Similar to Google, this search engine also come default in common Microsoft products including Windows and windows phone, that attract more visitors to Bing. The quality of search result pages is moderately good and the Algorithm Bing use in search is also giving better results pages.


Estimated Traffic: 150M Unique, Instant search – Yes

Another choice of billions of internet users is Yahoo search, having all features available on Yahoo. One unique feature of Yahoo is that it shows knowledge graph in the right hand side similar to Google search, that provide information of a website, product, movie and others to the users.

AOL Search

Instant search – Yes

AOL is another choice of users after prominent search engines such as Google and Bing. The results page carries similar style as of the Google results page, also having images search, news search, Video and Maps search. This search engine helps you to filter locations, time or use advanced search for deep results from AOL index


Instant search – Yes

The fifth position in our list is for that is basically a Q&A search engine. The popularity of Ask is due to so much internet marketing. The Instant search of is little slow as compared to Google or Bing but is a perfect answers search community in general. It also has images, news, videos and map search.

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