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Top 5 Online Business Ideas of the Year Business Economics 

Top 5 Online Business Ideas of the Year


Online business is one of the quickest and modern ways to start your own business. It can save

your thousands of dollars in figuring out a perfect location. You just need to have an idea and

little specific knowledge to start up your online business with a fraction of cost. Here we bring

top five ideas of the year to become an entrepreneur in this present era, with less initial


1) Start an e-commerce store

The internet revolution has replaced virtual stores into online stores. To start your personal

e-commerce store, you just need to have a domain and hosting. You can easily get a fully

functional e-commerce store for little investment, just like $500. Now, it depends on you

effectiveness and methods of marketing that how much profit you can earn. You can go for PPC

(pay-per-click), Event sponsorship, Print media, Networking, SEO (search engine optimization)

and list goes on!!!

2) Go for Blogging

You can easily start blogging if you have a domain and hosting. Blogging can help you to make

money online by getting large amount of traffics to access your blog from a certain sub-group.

There are certain modes of earning cash from blogging such as from AdSense, Offering premium

services, Selling banner advertisements and getting affiliated with the sites such as Amazon &



3) Professional freelancer

The demand of companies for part-time contract workers can urge you to think of freelancing as

a business. You can offer variety of freelance services to the larger companies depending on your

skills. You can offer flexibility services to the multiple companies in variety of filed. There are

many websites that can help you to become a freelancer, such as, etc.

4) Affiliate marketing

Do you believe that you can earn money even by leaving customer reviews on sites like

Amazon? Believe me you can. There are many companies willing to share a portion of their

earnings with the people promoting their products to the public by adopting words-of–mouth

strategy. You can have an edge if you already have a personal website with a large fan following.

There are various types of affiliated marketing that can help you to earn profits, but do ensure the

authenticity of those websites before making any investment.

5) Web design

If you are good at HTML and have know-how about designing, you can launch a service to

create user friendly and attractive websites for business. You knowledge about can design the

customized websites as per the requirement of client. So, you can earn money through web

design by just building up an attractive portfolio of work and create your own website to show

your work to attract more clients.

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