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Top 10 Airlines For 2015 Business Economics 

Top 10 Airlines For 2015

ashah-top-airline has announced the list of top ten airlines for 2015. The rating is achieved on

the basis of seven star safety rating and the level of innovation for the comfort of passengers.

Other factors contributed towards the ratings are aircraft types, history and in-flight offering such

as meals, drinks, seating, in-flight entertainment.

1. Air New Zealand (NZ)

The Air New Zealand is awarded as the Best Premium Economy Class by

According to editor-in-chief of, Air New Zealand is considered as an airline

of first choice among passengers. Moreover, the performance of the airline is outstanding and

marvelous, keeping in view the location and the country’s size of the airline.

2. Etihad (EY) ranked Etihad as number 2nd in ranking as a whole. The airline is also

awarded as best first class and best long haul new carrier in Middle East and Africa. Etihad has

managed to jump from 6th place to top three in the raking.

3. Cathay Pacific (CX)

Cathay Pacific is placed in number 3 by the award because of its Best Business Class services.

4. Qantas (QF)

Due to best lounges, best catering and best domestic service, Qantas (The Flying Kangaroo) is on number 4. It is also considered as a largest airline in terms of fee size, international flights and destination.

5. Emirates (EK)

The Emirates is on number 5th according to but is always one of the favorite airlines among passengers to travel with. It is also the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size, and passengers carried

6. Singapore Airlines (SQ)

The number 6 goes for Singapore Airlines because of the introduction of new larger personal touchscreen LCD monitors for the new economy class seats.

7. EVA Air (BR)

EVA Air is on the top ten list because of it excellence in long haul travel.

8. Lufthansa (LH)

The Germany’s flagship airline Lufthansa has made the top ten for the very first time. Despite the nine pilots of the airline strikes this year, it has succeeded in making the list.

9. All Nippon Airways (NH)

The ninth place is gone for All Nippon Airways as it is also one of the leading airlines with the 787 plane.

10. British Airways (BA)

Although British Airways made the top ten on for the first time this year, still it has proved to provide good services to economy class throughout its journey.

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