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RIP Nokia: You Will Be Missed Business Technology 

RIP Nokia: You Will Be Missed



The mobile brand, Nokia is officially dead on 5th of December, 2014, after the announcement made that Microsoft bought the company. It took just few months for the company to decide on leaving the competition without worrying about losing its market share. This announcement witnesses the end of an era in the mobile phones industry. But unfortunately, no one cares about the death of Nokia brand. Rather many of us have hardly remembered or bothered about this news and skimmed the headlines.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Nokia as a pioneer in the industry of mobile phones and it remained as a leading and successful company in the business for many years. The current position of Nokia was not believed to be possible a decade back.

The reason of the sudden death of Nokia cannot be defined exactly; yet there are many factors that seem to be reasons of their failure in the smartphones war. The company failed to understand its customers and the coming of touchscreen wave. Nokia failed to see the changing times with the passage of time. It led to drove thousands of layoffs over the years and increasing losses. The Perfect Storm developed around Nokia left the company with no choice, but to get out of it. Seriously, No one cares whether a product says Microsoft, Nokia or anything else. The fact is that many people trust on Microsoft, as a brand than Nokia.

It’s time to say farewell to Nokia, still many of us will miss it for some reasons cling to our one-time greatness. Obviously, I am one of them, as Nokia was my first ever mobile phone, although black & white, still a status symbol to show off. Rest of people saw Nokia as another mobile company being lost in a crowded marketplace. The Nokia brand has lost its money, fans, and loyalty. Although, many of us managed to maintain our brand loyalty from “moti pin wala charger“(Big Thick Pin Charger) to “patli pin wala charger” (Small Thin Pin Charger), but at the end, all of us have to go with flow. Good Bye Nokia!!!!!!

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