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Our New Generation’s Addiction: Social Networking Social Media 

Our New Generation’s Addiction: Social Networking

It won’t be wrong to say social networking as one of the modern addictions followed by our new generation. The concept of social apps was generated to facilitate the people in interacting and communicating with the dear ones but the drastic change in technology and introduction of new apps has shifted this need in to want and ultimately to an “addiction”. The predecessors said “overdose of even medicine can kill us”.
The reason of this addiction is the easily access of internet, availability of Wi-Fi everywhere and affordable packages offered by cellular networks. People can check their Facebook, Instagram, WahtsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media updates constantly. Such addictions have severely damaging effect on healthy and physical activities such as in studies, physical sports and spending time with people in real. In fact, the social media is making our generation more anti-social.

Ashah-social media

Our generation is experiencing a decline in intimate friendships as a result of using Facebook and other social networks and is more indulged in virtual friendships. They create a fantasy world that lead them to get away of the bitter realities of the real world and they prefer to spend more time in the fantasies instead of facing real world challenges. This addiction is making our generation coward and result in losing their confidence to face the problems and solve them.

There is a long list of negative impact of social networking addiction on our generation. First of all, there is a dramatic decrease in speaking level among our generations which has reduced their ability to interact with others on face-to-face communication.
Secondly, it conveys inauthentic expression of feelings by the use of animations and slangs such as LOL, LMAO, GWS, OMG etc. These shorthand are used without having any real emotions from the side of sender. The actual feelings are replaced by few words acronym.


Thirdly, it has reduced family closeness as the members love to watch movies alone rather than with a family. There are other activities that they prefer to do alone than along with chit chat and having family get together.
Another disadvantage of using social media is FOMO (Fear of missing out). It occurs if a person feels happy of doing an activity done by everyone. It results in arousing anxiety and a fear of insecurity as a person can feel it absurd if why everyone is having fun without them. It urge many of them to put fake status of having fun at expensive restaurants.
The disadvantages of using social networking cannot be listed in a single article but in short it leads to multiple physical disorders, mental illness, anxiety, depression, less physical friendship and lower communications with friends. One cannot ignore such latest apps by living in this era but there is intense need of limiting these activities so that this facility won’t change into addiction.

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