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Is Smartphone Mania Ruining Your Relationship??? Social Media Technology 

Is Smartphone Mania Ruining Your Relationship???

The smartphones have become necessity these days; as we cannot forget to carry it wherever we go. Well, nothing is bad in connecting with your dear ones by using new gadgets and carrying latest model of smartphones to show off your status. But, there is a serious matter of concern if common conversations among couples in their beds are replaced by endless scrolling through social media apps or other funny videos. Or if a romantic date becomes boring as a result of urgent long call received by the partner. So, one should make sure that these smartphones won’t disconnected you from each other in an effort of connecting with the world.


There are many advantages and positive impact of smartphones in our lives but my concern is to highlight the role of these obligatory tools in ruining the relationships among couples. Researchers from University of Essex explored that the presence of smartphones during discussions results in lower relationship quality and decrease the level of trust for the partner, even if you are not using it. Moreover, it can also distract your attentions from the present scenario or happenings around us. It makes you addicted to check the gadget after every half an hour.
The psychologists say that one of the major factors of increasing misunderstanding among couples is lack of communication. Alas, the communication level among couples has become minimized as the trend of smartphones has increased. It is hard to achieve intimacy when your phone keeps on beeping with alerts, notifications and email reminders. People express their love and care more on Facebook than face to face communication.
The problem starts when you think that reading notification alerts and replying messages are more important than a person sitting in front of you. The constant checking out email or social media accounts might feel your partner to get ignored. These smartphones have sabotaged our happiness by failing the sight of real life priorities.
Well, if you can relate these factors and consider them as reason to tear your relationship apart, it is never too late. Try to spend some quality time with your partner in phone-free zones, by keeping your cell phones switched off for few hours. It can help you to cherish special moments happening every day and make your relationship stronger.

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